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The Story

Who is SHOP ANOMALOUS? Why should you donate?
Support small businesses. 
I created Shop Anomalous based on the fact that fashion is an essential and is a way that we can express ourselves in the truest form. Thriving to be environmentally friendly and showcasing our unisex. With every donation to our dream, you would be supporting our mission and goal.
This has been a dream of mine since I started my shop in 2017 and I feel like this is the year it is going to happen.

What is the money going towards?
My team and I am planning to purchase a vintage Airstream Trailer and renovate it to be a traveling store front shop to partake in different events (markets, festivals, etc.) By building this portable shop, we can travel, spreading our love and knowledge for not only fashion and equality, but also bring awareness about the environment. The airstream shop will be a multipurpose space converting the shop in to a workspace.
The proceeds will help toward the trailer itself, renovation, furniture, and materials.

When is the timeline for this Project?
After raising the money, my team and I plan to get this project started ASAP. Our goal is to actually quire the trailer and start working on the renovations over Summer 2019. Then the project should be completed by Fall 2019, if all goes according to plan.
We need to get this project done before the end of the year so we can start this new exciting journey!
Thank you so so much in advance. Every donation is a blessing and I am so honored that you are allowing me to make my small business dream come true!

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Our Plan For The Whole Shabang.

Here you can see in detail was our inspiration and detailed plan for our project. We are truly so excited about this and ready to pour our blood, sweat, and tears.

Airstream Layout.jpg


Plan for the layout of the airstream.

Our plans are carefully thought out and simple.

We are planning for the trailer to be a multi usage space (which is cost and eco efficient).

Most importantly a shopping experience but when you get behind the scenes and the shop is closed for the night. We will convert the space in to a office/ camping place for those late night inspired magical wearable art pieces we call our product.

Which features like expandable tables, kitchenette area, a Murphy bed, and large closet space for storage and an office.

We have a strong plan to add some sort of solar energy the future! So we would be able to convert the energy we use everyday into eco friendly electricity.

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